Collaboration with Amexica

"Human Trafficking is a modern day holocaust. Simply put, there is no greater evil than the enslavement and exploitation of children."

Released in 2010, AMEXICA s is a 30 minute short film that chronicles actors Joe Ferrante and AnnaLynne McCord as a couple of LA scam artists who “rent” a poor Mexican boy as part of their get rich quick scheme. The scammer couple portrays the young boy as their son, extorting money from innocent people by risking the boy’s life in staged automobile accidents. Amexica takes a different approach in the exploration of the complex and disturbing world of human trafficking, showing the unexpected fallout of human chemistry from the captors and the victim's point of view.

PEHT's Dr. Mary Burke has collaborated with the film's Director and Producer Ron Krauss to spread awareness about human trafficking all over the world through the film. As a result of this partnership, PEHT is a beneficiary and will receive a portion of the proceeds from the film's distribution. We'd like to invite you to share the trailer above, and stay tuned for the film's public release.