Drug Testing Kits for THC Detox

Sweat Drug Test

There are many drug tests and of course, have to deal with bodily fluids. The sweat drug test is no exception. This test is unique in that it is typically one of the secondary tests given after a person has failed a previous drug test. This test is also issued to incumbent employees as opposed to detecting drugs in future employees. This test is typically issued by means of a sweat patch that the user wears after they have been issued a dated time period of probation after failing a drug test at work. They are not to remove the patch, accumulating their sweat and the subsequent drugs that may have accumulated in their fluids over that period of time. While this isn’t a test to necessarily worry about, given that it is usually issued to those who have already failed, it’s best to learn how to pass a drug test in this area.

Saliva Drug Test

Urine, blood, and sweat are more common ways to determine the amount of THC or marijuana in a person’s body, but there are also other means. Namely, saliva. This is not nearly as common as the urine test, but it can happen from time to time. This is administered in simple means of taking a medical-grade cotton swab and dabbing alongside the user’s cheeks. Sometimes the user is fortunate enough to be allowed to conduct this test on themselves. Like the urine test, they can procure their own sample without the employer questioning it. This depends on the regulations of the company, of course, but typically a person can opt to perform this test on themselves.

Hair Follicle Drug Test

Perhaps the most infamous drug test is the hair follicle drug test. For the person conducting the test and the company performing the test, it is very expensive. For the prospective employee or incumbent employee, it is very difficult to pass. Luckily, it’s the rarest drug test, and it is not very often an employee will have to subject themselves to this expensive, difficult test. Still, it does happen. Perhaps when the drug case is more severe, or the manager is more dedicated to following the regulations put in place in the company. There are means of passing this particular test. How to pass a drug test for hair follicle testing proves the most difficult and inconvenient.

How Someone Passes a Urine Drug Test

While it may be ideal for a drug test to be forewarned, many are not. If the test is planned, the participant may abstain from the drug. Depending on the drug, it may take up a month for the drug to leave the body.

Marijuana, if smoked, stays in the system for about two weeks. This is why it’s important to find out where to buy THC detox kits. Buying a detox kit can be easy if you use a local vendor for it. However, if it was last ingested as an edible or oil, then it may take up to a month to linger in the human body. A person wants to learn how to pass a drug test for urine by following some simple tips to quicken the process. The easiest way to rid the system of cannabinoids, the chemicals in marijuana, is to drink a lot of water and either sweat it or urinate it out until it has left the system. There are several special drinks which may cause the marijuana to leave within a few hours if the test participant has been called to a random drug test and only has a few hours to get rid of the marijuana traces in their body. But be warned as the results of this method is highly anecdotal.

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